a new idea in skiing technology

Mortal Ski Company is designing and building skis optimized for hard snow/ice performance. These are theconditions that you generally find at Midwestern and Eastern ski areas.


We have simplified the ski design and applied basic, time tested materials to build a high performance ski that will excel on the conditions at your ski area. Mortal Skis incorporates smaller turn radii, shorter lengths, wider widths, and stiffer flex patterns, all with the purpose of giving the skier increased performance on all snow conditions...


We are implementing solid, horizontal laminate wood cores that are machined for optimal hard snow performance. We use circumferential edges that are high strength hardened steel, factory bent, specifically for each design. These edges are applied directly to the cores, reducing unwanted torsional flex, and increasing hard snow performance.


We have eliminated the metal torsion box and replaced it with state of the art, high strength composite glass. This increases strength and decreases weight, thus, increasing performance and feel.


Mortal Skis are built one at a time, by hand, by the people that ski them. We are passionate skiers and this passion directly translates into the methods and practices we implement in ski building. Mortal Ski Company is built around very personal skiing experience and this shows in the dedication we put into our product.


If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.


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